A Little Something About Angela Watkins: she is among special contributors team of PCP.


She Believes That All Mankind Is Precious.
In 1996 she resigned from her place of employment. She had been employed with her employer from 1989 - 1996.
Angela Thomas Pen Names: Angela Watkins, Angela G Watkins, Angelique Watkins & adelorez
She is a Writer, Web Publisher, Freelancer, Book Reviewer (Christian & Business), Christian Freelancer.

Her writing profile - http://www.writers.net/writers/21422

In 1996 she received some magazines-tabloids from Houston, Texas. She believed two of the names of the publications were The American Banner and The Continental Express. There was an advertisement that read "We will fill your mailbox with 300 money making publications for $19.95." So she sent off for the offer. She began to read these articles and she wanted to learn more about the website addresses that was beneath the articles.
She then met four people from these publications that she would call friends. "Friends" - Proverbs 27:9
On December 4, 1996 she discovered her Mission - Proverbs 3:27
On October 7, 1996 she discovered her Vision - Exodus 31:3

She then began to write in some of this publication. She paid a small fee for my writings to be placed in a co-op mailings for possible publication in these tabloids.
She later bought a computer, which had free internet access provided by Alta Vista. She used free internet for a couple of years. When the free service was no longer available then she chose AOL as her service provider.
When she went online - she never surfed the net. She knew exactly what website she was going to visit. She was online for some years for about 30 - 40 hours a week reviewing the websites that were in these publications - tabloids.
She is planning on purchasing one or two more domains. She will be building our her own websites from home. She does not need a Webmaster for she is her own Webmaster.
Now she has never been to Theology School nor Seminary. She has been an assistant Sunday School Teacher in a Baptist church. In 2000 she was sent a private invitation to join The Vine which was taught by a Nazarene (George Eller & Rita Eller )this was also a Messianic Group. There were Messianics from around the world on his mailing list such as Singapore, Indonesia, India, & in the U.S. She was able to share with them as well.
In 2000 or 2001 she decided to buy her own domain from Christian Built. The name that she created and bought was AngelasWisdom - http://www.angelaswisdom.com She built this website from her home, She was her own web master. This was a multi-cultural Christian website and she kept the domain from 2000/2001 - sometime in 2004.
She did share News from Pacific Rim Northwest Black Chamber of Commerce in Tacoma, Washington at her website and this led her to share News from The National Black Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.

She also shared Christian Arabic Messages written in Arabic.
Now she is no longer the owner of this AngelasWisdom website http://www.angelaswisdom.com - it is a search engine. As you will see her photo and name is no longer there.
If you wish to reprint any of her articles with the domain name AngelasWisdom please contact her and let her know that you have printed her articles.
She states plainly : We are not certified nor do we represent medical, legal, financial or other certified professional services.
She states plainly: We do not replace your house of worship leader.

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