Same Sex Marriages – A Revolution or Fad. By George Sadiq


Same sex marriages are not something very new. We find references in the history of the written record of the world dated four thousand years back homosexuality existing in the world. But media has given it new dimension and spark.

To make the hottest news media needs something new and different. What could be differently different than a man getting married to a man and woman being bethrode to a woman and on top of it wedding ceremony of a celebrity like Sir Elton John and invitees being world class personality like Madame Elizabeth Taylor? It would naturally bring this event in the limelight. Thanks to media that has the spell of magic in this era of information technology which can make a mountain out of a molehill.

Even in a conservative culture of Pakistan hidden same-sex marriages do take place. In some events marriages take place in the name of birthday parties and only selected people are invited for the occasions. If somehow local media comes to know about it the things will be out of control and the newly wed would be behind the bars.

In Pakistan some people expressed their feelings after South Asian earthquake that this is definitely wrath of God since a same sex marriage was reported in the local media which took place in the vicinity of calamity hit areas a few weeks before the disaster. I don’t believe if this marriage brought tremor at the rector scale 8 in South Asia, but absolutely believe that the news of Sir John Elton did jolt international media at rector scale 10, since they got something juicy to flash on television channels and to print the same in the newspapers for weeks.

In 1960s there was flood of Hipism, it looked as if within few years world’s entire youth is going to become Hippies and will doom to destruction. When disco invaded the music world adversaries had put their weapons down and retreated and remained at the lowest ebb if not totally out-of-business. Discovers of disco music made billions and billions those days and went their way.

Millenium bug was another creation of media and software solution providers. People did not see any planes falling from the skies, nuclear power stations exploding into flames, power turbines shutting off electricity of the cities, submarines sunken deep in the oceans. But many managed to pocket billions in the name of millenium bug phenomena.

Same sex tendencies and inclination were there in some people in the world since beginning, but new hype has been created by wealthy pro-gay groups in the west. They believe that they are bringing a revolution in the world by getting the constitutions amended to recognize their rights and getting equal status that of other citizens i.e. inheritance, adoption, pension rights etc.

People of faiths and cultural values must not worry as this is yet resurface of pleasure focused fad and is also going through honeymoon period

Let us put it this way â€" if every person on earth marries to a same sex member - what is going to be the demographic status of the world in fifty or seventy years? Full brakes on the population growth and only those already born will live on this earth and after that THE END.

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