“Life on Line” Bishop Nasir expresses his view on letters on Mr. Samuel George, Mr. Michael and Mr. Irfan.


You wrote and I quote and answer,

“I would like to support Mr. Michael who reacts in the right direction, no doubt we have lot of issue with Muslims fundamental, where Christians are 1% of population, on which 80% percent don’t have the minimum level in education”.

With this situation that you have described, you still expect that a handful of Bishops and Pastors have a “magic rod” to raise the minimum level of education? No Sir, we don’t have one.

“Mr. Michael mentioned in his mail that we can develop our youngster for their better future, but to do this, our Ministers and higher priests have to play an important role here”.

Why Ministers and Higher Priests? Why not Doctors, Lawyers and other “Elite Segment” of Christian society in Pakistan and abroad?

“So far what I saw and read in the Newspapers, if Christian Ministers want to fulfill their requirement by government they have to go for the hunger strike. Sorry to say but for me sound like handicap Politician who cannot use their brain in the right direction”.

Please don’t undermine Pakistani leadership. If the Christian leadership, I mean Bishop and Pastors ever fails, the Christians in Pakistan will cease to exist. The statement I made, I own it. I would request you to use your brain for once and stop targeting Christian Religious Leadership.

“Here I agree with Mr. Michael, Pastors and Bishops are growing like mushrooms after rain, no idea which degree they are holding to call themselves Pastor or Bishop. I acknowledge Bishop Community doesn’t have good understanding between them, either no rule which they have to follow and bond with”.

Sir, what problem does it create for you if Pastors and Bishops are growing like Mushrooms after rain? Do you have to pay for every Pastor or Bishop that “grows like mushroom”. I see critics of Pastors and Bishops growing faster than mushrooms rather “rain bugs” having nothing to do, start finding faults in Pakistani Christian Religious leadership. We are better educated and have better understanding of the situation in Pakistan. We know the sanctity of our degree and know our work that includes dealing with people who have no respect for others. The Bishop Community has better understanding among themselves. However one can not rule out difference of opinion on a particular issue. The Bishops certainly follow the rules that you might not be knowing.

“Higher Priests & Bishops are like a KING, who creates their own rules and regulation. Example existing in Lahore Mr. Alexander”.

No, bishop don’t lives like kings, yet they are authorized by the constitution of their respective churches to abrogate, make and promulgate new rules and regulations. As far as Bishop Alexander John Malik is concerned, he made mistakes (as we all do) and he kept silent. Do you want some one to kill him? Are we not commanded to forgive? Are we all angels? Have we never made any mistake, small or big? I wrote against Bishop Malik, yet I am not his enemy. We might be making bigger mistakes and committing bigger sins than Bishop Alexander John Malik. Yet we don’t look at our own lives and try to correct our selves.

“This is the reason every Pastor want to open his own church and NGOs are growing, this is the reason Priest from Karachi, go to Lahore to sign his new stay order to stay in the same church where he & his grand children are staying from the last 16 years”.

I don’t think it is a crime that the family of a Priest stays more than 16 years in the same pastor house, if the son of pastor or grandson of that pastor is serving the congregation. I have no problem with a Pastor building a church through his own efforts and having an NGO at the same time. What ever he is doing, yet he is serving the people. The real problem is that our people living abroad can not see a pastor’s prosperity. If other Christian people can make an NGO, what stops a Pastor from making an NGO?

“As a Bishop could you please answer us”?

Q. Why Priest from different known Protestant Churches is not following their staying order which terminate every five years time? And they have to be transferred to other churches?

A. The Protestant Churches have their own way of working. If a Pastor stays more than Five years in a church (Congregation) that should be not a matter of concern to any one. Let us decide who will stay where and for how long.

Q. Why Bishops from other cities have authority to extend their staying order?

A. We don’t have “City Bishops”. There are different Diocese in the jurisdiction of a Bishop and any Bishop having his headquarter in a different city can use his ecclesiastical authority of a Pastor in any city under his jurisdiction. Bishop of Lahore, Bishop Alexander John Malik who lives in Lahore has jurisdiction in Narowal and Rawalpindi. You are no body to challenge the Ecclesiastical Authority of any Bishop in Pakistan.

Q. How come Pastor in Karachi become Bishop in one night? And no action was taken from the Bishops Union?

A. Kindly name the Pastor who became Bishop in “One Night”. I may be able to give you a better and detailed answer. However again this is our issue and not your.

Q. Why Bishops are taking more interest in the Christian property that the Christian community?

A. Please let me know which property and which Bishop? I know some church properties have been sold, yet can a Bishop sell any property all by himself? People with vested interests do gain from such sales and I know the “Loins Share” goes to the Bishop. However what ever the case may be I strongly condemn it.

Q. Why Christian property is not protected?

A. As far as I know the Christian properties are safe and well protected. However it these properties are sold, I again condemn it.

Q. Why there is million of Rupees open cases in the Graveyard (Karachi Gora Kabaristan)?

A. I would rather wait for the verdict of the courts of Pakistan on this case. I personally condemn such cases and the people who want to sell the “Karachi “Gora Qaberistan” or the Graveyard.

Q. Why Bishop is allowed to make his daughter marriage with a Muslim man in the church and no action was taken from the other Bishops Union if it’s existing in one unity.

A. This issue has been discussed at length. There has been lot of protest from Bishops and common Christians on this particular issue. But I really want to know the feelings of the father who’s daughter makes a wrong decision and the father has to endorse it. Bishop Malik is not the only father who went through this tragedy, there are hundreds of fathers who go through this agony. Please ask a father in Canada who’s daughter has married a Muslim. That father is a living dead person. My be Bishop Malik was to busy looking after his church and could not give time to his family. I am not condoning the mistake of Bishop Malik, but just telling you every family has its own serious problem. One is caught and the other get away. We must learn to forgive the one who is caught and pray for those who get away.

Dear Bishop, yes we all like to support our brothers & sisters in Pakistan, but again, who can we trust as our respecter are corrupted?

Sir, I am a Bishop therefore you should not trust me. Wait for the angels from heavens. You want to help your Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan? You have to trust some one or at least trust God. If some Bishop cheats you he will not be cheating you he will be cheating Lord God. Let God decide his fate. You do your duty, if you are serious.

I can only request that please make a system that your own people will trust you in the name of God, otherwise please leave the seat on which you are seating for those who deserve it.

Dear Sir, we have a system and the help that is received from abroad does reach the poor Christian. But I have no means and measures to tell you who is honest and who is not. I have no authority to tell any one to leave his “seat”. May be you can trust me, but I am a Bishop too.

May I suggest, make an organization, get it registered in USA and Canada. Chose a Church in Pakistan that is registered. Send them the help and demand an “Audit Report” from a Charted Accountant duly registered with the government of Pakistan. If your help does not reach the right place you can always seek help from the government of Pakistan through its Embassy or High Commission.

Hope I have answered your question!!!

May the Lord bless you all.

Bishop Timotheus Nasir.

Dear Mr. R. Michael & Mr. Samuel George

Christian greetings from Pakistan.

Despite having evidence, I am nobody to provide evidence against any one. What ever some one is doing is answerable to Lord Jesus Christ. You raised a question regarding Pakistani Christian Ministers, Higher Priests and Bishops and it was my moral duty to respond in all honesty and to the best of my knowledge.

In year 2006, Mullahs filed a “Law Suit” against me in Karachi. I requested all “Human Right Activists” that I knew in Pakistan for help. No one came forward. Why? They knew I was not going to be of any use to them on international level for collecting funds. You can find these organizations on Internet and then make an inquiry your self.

During October 2006, Lahore Police arrested a Christian young man for no reason and took a large amount to release him. I located the young Christian and got the money back from Police. Have you ever heard that Police pays back the money they take as bribe?

There is a long list of people like me who are either Higher Priests or Bishops who constantly help their Christian brothers and sisters, yet we can not disclose how we do it. If we try to project our work, we will not be able to continue helping our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Dear Sirs, More authority does not mean absolute authority. In Pakistan the orders of Supreme Court is not given any importance by the local Police and you are talking about few Bishops.

I agree that these days Pakistani Pastors are growing fast and they all belong to the Charismatic Organizations. Any one who writes “Pastor” before his name falls into that category. A trained Pastor writes “Reverend” abbreviated “Rev”. Then there are “Sadhus” who travel from village to village with no education but some “Tricks” of casting out demons and our people are fooled despite being warned. Then we have “Peers” and Christian “Shahs” and so on. There is no theological university in Pakistan yet we have well reputed Theological Seminaries in Pakistan and the real Priests go through at least three years intensive training in these institutions. As far as the politicians are concerned, they spend huge amount of money to get elected or selected. No Christian Organizations spends a penny on their elections or selection, therefore at least I can not ask a Christian MNA or MPA what they are doing.

Sir, I mentioned 150 Million Pakistanis in American Continent and in Europe, that this figure was assumed from Pakistan Christian Council. The information provided to me by the government of Pakistan, we are only 2 million plus in Pakistan. If I may assume that there are one million Christians in American Continent and Europe, yet that is a huge number to help Pakistani Christians. Yet you do not trust the Clergy? I have no further suggestion to make. We are trying our best without your help. Let us do our work and please if you can not support Christians in Pakistan, you have no right to criticize the Clergy of Pakistan.

Dear Mr. Michael and Mr. Samuel George, please visit me next time you visit Pakistan. I may be able to explain better face to face. Writing and criticizing on internet is easier than facing the facts in a country like Pakistan. You have too many questions and that can be only answered if you visit me next time you come to Pakistan. Please don’t ask how to help poor Christians in Pakistan, You know it! You have asked me to name an honest Bishop, Unfortunately I can not name a bishop who is an angel! You must come out of your “Preoccupation” and start trusting the Clergy of Pakistan. If you don’t trust us, we don’t need your help and tears for Pakistani Christians.

You wrote “I am personally looking forward to hear from you & will be happy to help Christian community as much as possible”.

Sirs, I am a Bishop. And you do not trust Bishops, what name should I give? Sorry Sir, I can’t help you with your present frame of mind. The comments of Mr. Samuel George are highly deplorable and objectionable. I strongly condemn his remarks of Pakistani Christian leadership and demand apology from Mr. Samuel George. He must learn to respect the people he will certainly need some day.

Prayerfully Yours,

Bishop Timotheus Nasir.

Life on Line.

I read the four letters to the editor and I am glade that Mr. Irfan has asked me to silent Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, the director of Islamic Research Foundation. I have written a number of answers to Dr. Zakir Naik, yet he has never responded. Maay be he does not face the same fate that Sheikh Ahmad Deedat had to face in Sialkot Pakistan on 7th October 1987.

As far as I have noted, Dr. Zakir Naik have the same arguments against Christianity that Late Deedat had. He is trying to “Scratch” verses of Holy Bible and Koran to prove his point and so far he has miserably failed to do that. I call Dr. Zakir Naik a “Tongue Twister” and nothing more. I can take him on any time when he is ready even in Pakistan.

I do not defend my faith because I know that my God is “The God”, my Book the Holy Bible is “The Book” and my Faith the Christian Faith is “The Faith”. Rest all is “Mirage”.

If and when I have a debate with Dr. Zakir Naik, no body will see me playing of “Back Foot”. Unfortunately most of our scholars play on “Back Foot” and instead of attacking the opponent, they try to defend Christian Faith, that does not need any defense. Christian Faith in complete and perfect faith and I don’t care what others say about their faiths, that they are still trying to redefine. I Play on “Front Foot” and so far I have silenced many critics of the Holy Bible and Christian Faith.

Dear Mr. Irfan, I am looking forward to meet Dr. Zakir Naik. The day we come face to face, by the Grace of my God Dr. Zakir Naik will be a Christian preacher. It is my challenge.

Dear Mr. Asif, I understand your concern, yet my life is on line since long. The day and the way I will die is well known to my savior. My job is to preach and speak Biblical Truth, the “Only Truth”. I know I am a targeted person, yet no one can harm me as long as the Lord is with me. I don’t think Mr. Ifran is a Muslim nor he is naïve Christian. He has asked me to do a service for my Christian brothers and sisters, and I shall do it. Please encourage such people who feel pain when some “Tongue Twister” attacks his faith in most derogatory way. How ever I appreciate your concern for me. Thank you very much.

Dear Mr. Asif, you are right to state that Dr. Zakir Naik is a coward who is running away from debating with Sam Shamoun, Robert Morey and Ali Sina for many years. You are right in stating that if Dr. Zakir Naik has any decency left in him, he should either debate any of these gentlemen or shut his mouth from criticizing Christianity. Dr. Zakir Naik is always trying to run away when a straight question is asked about his faith. Dr. Zakir Naik never had any “decency” like Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. His only object is to criticize Christianity, insult our faith, insult the Holy Bible and to sell his “Useless” CDs and books.

Dear Mr. Nisar, I don’t know you too. But I believe that in your opinion, Dr. Zakir Naik is “Top Islamic Scholar” that you have today. Let me tell you Sir, memorizing books does not make an man scholar, you need to have understanding of the books which Dr. Zakir Naik lacks. You can call him a good “Haffiz” but not a scholar. In all my honest I challenge Dr. Zakir Naik that the day he faces me, I shall my self “Baptize Him”. This my “CHALLENGE that I gaave to Sheikh Ahmad Deedat on 7th October 1987 at Sialkot Pakistan, he ran away. So will Dr. Zakir Naik!!!

Soon I am going to send a formal invitation to Dr. Zakir Nnaik to come to Pakistan. I shall arrange his “Security” after he “Reverts” to Christianity!!

Please visit www.siloampak.org and www.kalamehaq.com

Bishop Timotheus Nasir

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