Egyptian Regime Interfering in Swiss Internal Affairs. By Dottore Architetto Ashraf Ramelah


The behavior of the current Egyptian regime is effectively a continuation of Arab practices during their occupation of Egypt in the past 1430 years. The regime lead by Mr. Mubarak for almost 28 years could be described as anti-democratic, discriminatory and oppressive for all Egyptians. Furthermore, from a Coptic perspective, the Mubarak years could be known as the persecution regime within the last century. The same Egyptian-Arab regime is working hard to show a different face to Western governments and people.
For the last several years, the Egyptian regime has been criticizing Copts in the Diaspora for their activity in bringing to light Coptic suffering under a regime governing in the twenty-first century with a seventh-century mentality. Over the years, Egyptian leaders invited Coptic activists to work inside the country to resolve Coptic problems. Meanwhile, in all those years the same government did nothing to resolve even one minor issue related to Copts.
The Egyptian regime as well as all Arab and Muslim leaders consider anyone with different beliefs or thoughts living under their authority, infidels or at the very least, antagonistic to them. In spite of the fact that the Copts are the original and authentic Egyptians they are treated as aliens without any rights.
The Coptic religion inside Egypt is defamed daily by government media directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, the same regime has recently authored a request presented to the United Nations to prosecute religious defamation. The Western democratic countries where citizens abide in religious freedom seconded this proposal by the Egyptian regime without making a basic inquiry into the record of the Egyptian regime regarding defamation of religion within Egypt.
On various occasions, the Egyptian regime considered any critic of its interior action and treatment against Copts as interference in its internal affairs and disrespectful of its sovereignty, in spite of the fact that those criticism were delivered by human rights organizations and never by governments.
A few days after the result of the Swiss’ referendum of banning the construction of minarets (not mosques), the Arab and Muslim leaders began a hysterical announcement and action against the Swiss people and their free will to decide whatever they believe in their own country. Gaddafi, who has been ruling Libya for almost 40 years, stated that “Christians in Arab-Muslim countries would pay for the result of the Swiss referendum”. The Egyptian Parliament (Al shury) labeled the result of the same referendum as an instigation of hate reminiscent of the Nazis.
I wonder if the 440 members of the Egyptian parliament know anything about democracy in general and the referendum system in particular! Furthermore, this leads me to wonder if the Egyptian parliamentary election process is genuine, or rather just part of a comedy to serve the regime. Moreover, are these members really representing those who elected them?
The Egyptian parliamentary members who voted a few months ago to massacre more than 600,000 pigs, leaving almost 2,000,000 persons without work and income, damaging part of the country’s economics, and generating a lot of waste in the country’s streets, is now interfering in the internal affairs of another sovereign state.
The survival of Arab aggression to take over the West by hiding behind a world religion has been going on for more than 1400 years. Arab leaders know they cannot win a military war. Therefore, to achieve their goals they use the West’s weakest points, democracy and respect for others. Such respect for others, known as political correctness, is shifting to meet only Arab aims.
In fact, when the parliament of a country condemns an action made in another state, it sounds like a declaration of war. The president of the Egyptian parliament, Mr. Safwat Al Sharef, declared on December 15, 2009 as per Al Masry Al Youm (Egyptian Newspaper), that, “the result of the referendum was like a strike against more than 1.7 billion Muslims around the world and was against the basic international law and freedom of religion.”
I am curious at the amount of courage it takes for the president of the Egyptian parliament to talk about freedom of religion when in Egypt there is no freedom at all. More than 18 million citizens cannot live in peace in there own homeland. What about destroying churches and arresting people in their own homes just because they are praying? What about kidnapping girls and women as part of a state plan to force Islamization of the country. Furthermore, what about the freedom of religion for those Muslims that decides to convert to Christianity or any other religion?

Mr. President of the parliament, are you giving the West a lesson in morality and freedom of religion or are you trying to instigate the Muslim world against one of the civil nations on our planet?
Why are the Egyptian government and parliament alarmed about a referendum that took place in a country 3,000 miles away when they do not first try to resolve problems at home? Furthermore, the announcement made by the same parliament stating they seek to work with political forces inside Switzerland in order to alter the referendum result is not acceptable, and the Western governments must take a stand against it.
It is a great opportunity for the Western community to stand against such abuse from those who are using our great democracy to harm us. It is time that our European leaders have to correct the real meaning of political correctness.

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